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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

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The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C2 [ S or U ] agreement that something is true or legal :. It's a new country , hoping for diplomatic recognition from the international community.

Synonyms acceptance. C2 [ S or U ] If you are given recognition, people show admiration and respect for your achievements :.

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Ella complained that the company never gave her any recognition for her work. She gave me a faint smile of recognition. Her body had been mutilated beyond recognition. Chen gave her a nod of recognition across the crowded room. The area had changed beyond recognition. There was a moment of recognition when the two men met each other. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Showing respect and admiration.

C2 [ U ] the fact of knowing someone or something because you have seen or heard him or her or experienced it before:. Dole obviously had the greatest name recognition of all the Republican candidates. She gained recognition as an expert in energy conservation. Recognition also refers to the accepting of something as true :. After thirty years of trading , the company name enjoys global recognition.

We have poor brand recognition in the Asian market. Skype's dominance and name recognition can pose problems for competitors. We did all the work but they got all the recognition! They are to receive bonuses in recognition of their work. They have been trying for three years to get recognition for their union. The council runs a recognition scheme for private colleges. IT the ability of a machine to read something electronically and to get information from it:. See also brand recognition.

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Examples of recognition. Professor Pete Fussey and Dr Daragh Murray evaluated the technology's accuracy at six of the 10 police trials. Four of the 42 were people who were never found because they were absorbed into the crowd, so a match could not be verified. The Met prefers to measure accuracy by comparing successful and unsuccessful matches with the total number of faces processed by the facial recognition system.

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According to this metric, the error rate was just 0. Duncan Ball, the Met's deputy assistant commissioner, said: "We are extremely disappointed with the negative and unbalanced tone of this report We have a legal basis for this pilot period and have taken legal advice throughout. Professor Fussey and Dr Murray claimed the Met's use of facial recognition during these trials lacked "an explicit legal basis" and failed to take into account how this technology infringed fundamental human rights.

The co-authors also found "significant" operational problems - with obtaining the consent of those affected a particular issue. When live facial recognition is used in public places, everyone who comes within range of the cameras is considered to be under overt surveillance. The Met did make an effort to notify passers-by about their trials by putting out signs and tweeting about the event.

But the researchers observed "significant shortcomings" in this process - and said this created difficulty in gaining meaningful consent. A recent BBC documentary captured an incident where a man was fined after refusing to take part in a facial recognition trial.

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Professor Fussey and Dr Murray wrote: "Treating LFR camera avoidance as suspicious behaviour undermines the premise of informed consent. Their report also criticised the Met's use of "watch lists" - the registers of "wanted" people that facial recognition is supposed to help locate. According to the report, the data used to create watch lists was not current, so people were stopped even though their case had already been addressed.

In other cases, there were no clear reasons why people were put on watch lists, leaving "significant ambiguity" about the intended purpose of facial recognition. Earlier this year, the Met's senior technologist Johanna Morley told Sky News that huge investment would be needed to upgrade police IT systems in order to ensure that the people on these watch lists were there legally. The Met's use of facial recognition is being challenged in court by Big Brother Watch, an anti-surveillance campaign group.