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Indeed, the people who helped make Thea Brunhilde are many and begins with her own mother. I so very much loved Song of the Lark. It was one of those rare books I did not want to end and one I will definitely read again. I already liked Cather quite a lot, but now I think if someone asks me to make of list of favorite authors, she will be among the top ten. December 27, at am. I have a copy of Song Of The Lark in some bookcase or pile in some…somewhere… now I will have to search it out as your review makes it seem so interesting.

Willa Cather is quite well known over here but probably not a household name. No question she must be one of the greatest novelists of her time. Like Like.

Stefanie said:. She and Joyce do make an interesting comparison! December 28, at am.

Lesson Plans The Song of the Lark

Her most famous book here is probably Death Comes For the Archbishop. An aim for read some books by Willa Cather. December 28, at pm. I have read Death Comes for the Archbishop and liked it very much. Curious that is her most famous book there when here everyone knows her for My Antonia. Grad said:. Yipes, I cringe to admit that. Certainly the writing is very special.

Does that make sense? There might be hope for me yet. Grad, oh no!

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If you try Song of the Lark I hope you like it. I have read Death Comes for the Archbishop and it is very good too and yeah, fantastic title! Yay for the Willa Cather Fan Club! Wonderful review!

The Rising Of The Lark

I actually intended to read it this year but for some reason went with Song of the Lark instead. I plan to read more Cather in so perhaps I will manage it then! Arti said:.

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What an interesting comparison between Joyce and Cather. Thanks for your review of this book.

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Happy New Year, Stefanie! December 31, at am. Rebecca H. December 29, at am. But then for some reason I never expect Cather to be so good and she always surprises me! I will have to be sure to get my hands on A Lost Lady! Amateur Reader Tom said:. December 30, at am. I am sure it will make a nice compliment to Song of the Lark. Bless the Project Gutenberg people, they have it available for download! Ed said:. December 30, at pm.

I have this one on my TBR pile. Danielle said:. I always think of her as a Nebraska-setting author, but quite a few of her books maybe even most of them? Now I think I am going to add one of her books maybe this one? Danielle, I am glad I am not the only one who thinks of her as a NE-setting author!

If you get to Song of the Lark, I hope you enjoy it!

Katie said:. January 14, at pm. Hi I have read 3 books by Willa Cather. I liked the Lark best of all!! Could you recommend me a book to read next?


Any author Katie. Pingback: Song of the Lark — Willa Cather - lividlili. She knows she is different: She knew, of course, that there was something about her that was different. Song of the Lark turns out to be a portrait of the artist as a young midwestern girl: The growth of an artist is an intellectual and spiritual development which can scarcely be followed in a personal narrative.

Tellamantez: Nobody knew exactly what was the matter with Johnny, and everybody liked him. When it comes to describing the despair, the hope, the dreams, the work, the whole process of becoming an artist, Cather does that just as well as Joyce does too, maybe even better: There were hours, too, of great exaltation; when she was at her best and became a part of what she was doing and ceased to exist in any other sense. Like this: Like Loading Stefanie said: December 27, at am.

Stefanie said: December 28, at pm. You might think about attending the first week in August next year, however. So, why mention it here? Lark Camp ends Saturday and the teachers are heading off in various directions. Some are coming through our area and stopping to play. And some live here. As you might guess from the fact that they're teaching at Lark, Verde Gaio is more on the traditional side of Galician music.

Alexandre Cardosa plays with Xavier Blanco -- both are masters of the Galician gaita , a type of bagpipe. Google Xavier and you'll come up with a YouTube vid of a solo performance at a festival in Galicia. As he begins, he's playing some sort of clacking percussion thing and whistles that bring to mind birds in flight. He calls out something in Galician while shaking a bell tied to his arm before squeezing the bagpipe under his other arm and singing a sweet song. Since I don't speak a word of Galician, I have to imagine what it's all about. In my mind it's an ancient song from a shepherd who's coaxing his sheep along a hillside overlooking the sea.

Whatever he's singing, it's music full of joy and passion, folk music in its purest form. Xavier and Alexandre are traveling with fiddler and gaiteiro Kevin Carr , a folky from Oregon who I know from his work with Wake the Dead, an all-star Celtic combo that recorded an album of Grateful Dead tunes reimagined as Irish music. There's a clear connection between trad Celtic and Galician music that goes beyond the use of bagpipes, but don't ask me to explain. I'm sure Kevin can do so on Sunday at the Grange.

Another person who could probably explain is Greg Moore , who put together the show in Bayside. He's a teacher at Lark, too. As you might recall, Greg is the leader of Bandemonium , the alt. Bandemonium is opening Sunday's show, and I'm certain if Greg has his way, there will be some kind of collaboration with the pipers taking folk music in wild new directions. Humboldt Folklife hosts more Lark musicians the next night, Monday Aug.

Bruce Reid and Bonnie Zahnow hail from Seattle. Local picker David Isley met them up there. He tells me, "They play a lot of old time and jug band music, and both play fiddle, so they do twin fiddle old timey style and some Mexican and Argentine music. Bruce also plays banjo and banjo guitar. He's one of the most amazing musicians I've ever heard. Arcata, or this Thursday when he plays various instruments at Gallagher's taking over for Seabury Gould, who's down at Lark in the Morning.

I doubt that there's a Lark connection, but Humboldt Brewery has some fine traditional bluegrass coming Sunday night. Today he fronts a band with two of his sons, Mark and Daniel , and several other talented players. If you dig bluegrass, don't miss this one. Humboldt's top bluegrass band, The Compost Mountain Boys , opens the show.