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In the parlance of environmental educators, it would be said that Smith possesses "environmental sensitivity.

Responsible behavior is the key outcome of environmental education and, as we shall see in more detail, environmental sensitivity has been found to be one of the key precursors to such behavior. In other words, the field is looking at how we might develop in more people the sensitivity of Smith, yet take him a couple of steps further so his sensitivity can be channeled into a more effective form of activism. Below is a sample of some recent studies that indicates how this may be done in a variety of settings, as well as what specific opportunities are available to park and recreation agencies.

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Setting the Stage As Weilbacher observes, "environmental education was born in nature study," which can be traced back about as far as one would wish to go in Western civilization. By the mids, however, it was widely recognized that something more was needed.

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An intense penoa oI iscussion resuitea in a U. The objectives triggered a number of studies examining how such behavior comes about. Peterson and Hungerford conducted in-depth interviews with 22 North American environmental educators and found several things that should be of direct interest to recreators.

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For instance, "frequent contact with natural areas or open spaces seemed to be necessary for Environmental Sensitivity ES development. Interaction with natural areas often results in greater understanding of nature and an emotional bond with those specific areas" p. Indeed, it was found that some 91 percent of the study group had participated in a major outdoor experience; 41 percent had been involved in youth organizational camping; and 82 percent had spent time in their youth in the outdoors. Then, in , Hines, Hungerford, and Tomera conducted a "meta-analysis" of empirically based research on what motivates people "to take responsible environmental action" p.

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Data from different studies was analyzed, and the following conclusion was reached: there are four key individual characteristics that cause a person to act on behalf of the environment. This edition includes a P. Sign in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New arrivals. The pristine lands and waterways are being strip mined, dammed up, and paved over by greedy government hacks and their corrupt corporate coconspirators.

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Hayduke plans to get even. Edward Abbey was born in Home, Pennsylvania in In , at the age of 17, Abbey set out to explore the American Southwest, bumming around the country by hitchhiking and hopping freight trains.

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It was during this time that Abbey developed a love of the desert, which would shape his life and his art for the next forty years. After a brief stint in the military, Abbey completed his education at the University of New Mexico and later, at the University of Edinburgh. He took employment as a park ranger and fire lookout at several different National Parks throughout his life, experiences from which he drew for his many books.

Abbey died at his home in Oracle, Arizona in Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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